Our Services

Let's not mince words. We're hellbent on removing the obstacles that stand between you, great health, and damn good-for-you food. Below are some of the ways we aim to do just that.


Meal Planning

We offer customized menu planning for those who need a little help with managing weekly meals, addressing a specific health concern, or navigating a new dietary restriction. A one-on-one intake ensures menus are tailored to your personal health goals, food limitations, and cooking style (even if that style is take-out). Each plan includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack (our personal fave), and dinner that you can prepare yourself. Hours on Pinterest saved: Unquantifiable.

Menu plans are available in several different increments—from 3 days up to one month of day-by-day planning and recipes. Prices start at $100. Remote clients are welcome. 

Cooking Classes

Our goal is to put ourselves out of a job. Let us teach you how to do what we do. Whether it's learning knife skills, diving headfirst into the Whole 30, or just a fun activity for a bachelorette weekend, we can give you the skills you need, so you don't need us in the future. You'll get a customized menu of 3-4 recipes that we'll prepare together, plus a lot of new techniques to Instagram about.

Classes start at $300 for 4-hours of instruction. Cost covers all ingredients, menu preparation, instruction, and clean up. Classes can be for up to 8 people, depending on kitchen size. Full-day or multi-day classes are also available, and travel arrangements can be made for destinations outside of Colorado.

Cooking retreats

If you're looking for a hard reset around food, there's nothing quite like jumping in with both feet. Chef Kate will do an initial phone consultation to determine your goals around food, and then travel to your home for a multi-day experience where we prepare your kitchen, mind, and skillset to adopt your new lifestyle. This a fully customizable experience for an individual or small group that will arm you with the knowledge, hacks, and techniques to lead you to your best health. 

Pricing starts at $600 per day, and does not include travel or kitchen equipment. Contact us for details.


Food Guru Guidance

Do you want someone to come in and decimate everything in your pantry that's hindering your health? No prob. Are you looking for a tour guide and translator to take you by the hand (figuratively) through the grocery store and demystify what products are right for you? We got you. Is there something else that we haven't even thought of yet that could change your food-eating life? Let us know.

Pantry Raids and Grocery Guidance start at $100 for a 2-hour reset. Other services are priced upon request.